Free shipping!How to order:
1. Use the paypal-buttons or just email us what you want.
2. Thereafter we’ll send you our bank account details on which you’re asked to transfer the money to.
3. When we have your money on our account, we will send out the stickers in 1-2 workdays.

Depends, of course, on where you are. We’re in Europe so it could take some time – there are even ways by aircrafts, ships or trains between! E.g. American cities estimated time of arrival is less than 1 or 2 weeks after we received money. If we had to print your own design it is plus 1 more week.

Our prices include German taxes, etc. But some countries take special local importation/purchase taxes. Normally not on little amounts like ours, but e.g. in Switzerland they maybe do so. This is not included in our prices and generally not very much. If you did payments – please report them to us! We may give you a discount on your next order and can publish a list here.

You can mix the Hello, Fuck You & Yeah-Stickers like you want. 249 Hello & 1 Yeah or however. BUT you have to order via email. Stickers with your own design can not be mixed – it’s strictly 250 stickers with one design.

Material (Hello, Yeah & Fuck You-Stickers):
Writeable Fasson® paper with a Crack-Back® Plus. So the paper backing is split and have a „crack and peel“ backing.

Material (Stickers with your own design):
White Vinyl with clear lacquer over the print against scratches and made for extra long resistance. The backing is not split and with no printing – just clean (stamp- or writeable) white.

Your own printed design:
We can print all CMYK colors – this means even pictures are possible. But not exactly like you see on your luminous monitor. We print in 4c Euroscale (ISO coated v2 300%) – so most important is that you choose e.g. in Photoshop: Image > Mode > CMYK. We check all data before we print and will tell you if we see problems.
Print data should have 1287 x 921 Pixel image size – that’s 109x78mm in 300dpi (quality needed for printing) incl. 2mm bleed (that will cut by us after printing process) on every side = final Format 105x74mm or 4,13×2,91 Inch. We can work with almost all formats like *.psd, *.jpg or *.tif etc. Vector-graphics like *.ai or *.pdf (types must transformed in paths. E.g. „Create Outlines“ in Illustator). & put it into an email!

As *.pdf | *.psd | *.jpg

Aside from the classic „Hello My Name Is Stickers“, we invented the „Fuck You – these streets are run by“ and the „Yeah! My Crew Is“ Stickers. So it’s not OK or even legal to copy or print this slogans elsewhere.

Shops & distributions:
Just get in contact with us – we have special deals for large amounts.

More questions?
Just write an email!